Day 1

It’s day 1 here at the Lent blog.  So far, so bad.  First, here’s the rules:


1.        I’m not going to tell you what my Lent goal is – the purpose of this blog is to look at the process of change (I hope) rather than the means to that change – I just don’t want to distract anyone by focusing on how much chocolate I managed not to eat.


2.       It’s anonymous on purpose for the same reason – just don’t want you to get distracted by what you see in me (or not).  Cos I’m around cession|community and call it my church home.  I may be in your cell group or work alongside you in one of our ministries.


3.       You can comment as much as you want here and record your own Lent journey as you come across things that connect with you.


Day 1 – was not so good.  I realized that for my particular Lent goal I needed to have some other things in place.  It’s tricky to be disciplined if you don’t first take control of your environment.  And I didn’t.  So I’m working out what I need to take out of play in order to give myself a decent go at the goal.  There are 2 big things I need to do if I am going to get close.  I’m tempted to beat myself up for not sussing this out in the beginning.  But, when you think about it, sorting through these sorts of practical issues is a pretty spiritual activity.  I shouldn’t be surprised if I snack on chocolate when a big block is sitting in the fridge!


Any barriers you’ve encountered so far?  How are you going to get over them?


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