Day 4

I’m not really a whinger.  But this is harder than I thought.  Today was definitely an improvement.  However, it also showed up the gap between my willpower and my intentions.  At times, I was faced with real choices between one way or the other.  The desire to do the right thing was beaten down by my own desire to do what I wanted.  What it really came down to was a choice between discipline and pleasure.  Conditions were perfect (as the Conchords would say) but I still made the wrong choice.  I should say that my Lent goal is not to stop “sinning” in an area.  But it does involve me putting boundaries in place.  I picked the Lent goal because I thought that the boundaries would help me grow closer to God.  What it showed up today is that when faced with a choice between “right and wrong” I sometimes choose in the direction of my own pleasure.

How many of your choices are like this: choosing in the direction of pleasure?  Anyone got any ideas on how to overcome this?


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  1. Negrito said,

    March 7, 2009 at 2:40 am

    encouraging to journey with you bro/sis. My first time doing lent & I will be away from auck for the next month. I will try to post some stuff on my blog and will putvyours in my reader. I have been challenged so far that the outward thing we do I’d don’t do forv lent is less important that the underlying attitude inside us.

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