Day 10

So it took 10 days for all the necessary elements of the plan to come into place so that my Lent commitment reallyhas a chance!  But yesterday some of the plan came into line with the desire to do this thing and it really worked.  I didn’t do a lent consultation this year, but I wish I had done so.  I think it would have tested my goal for reality.  Discipline begins back in the preparation phase – its not a giving up contest as someone keeps saying.  So if I just treat it as one, I will likely fail.  It is about making a deep life change that actually requires me to change how I live.  And because every part of my life is connected to every other part of my life it needs some thought.  The discipline has not been for me about trying  harder but about examining my life and making changes that are sustainable.

We’re into double figures – this is about the time where many either give up on their Lent goals or just quietly forget about them till its too late.  What do you need to change in order to make your Lent goal stick “for real”?


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