The Last Days

The wind down of Lent was uneventful in some ways but also pleasing at progress made. No great last insights. But a moving and memorable Easter. This blog has been fun. Thanks to all 3 of you who have followed it. I hope it has helped you process Lent in some small way. It was mostly for me. But now I say farewell to the blogging world. This is cessionite signing off.


Day 33

A better day but the residual shame lingers. Is it possible that Lent achievement itself becomes an idol? Of course it is. Not much more to say other than I am more convinced than ever that it is engagement with God rather than abstinence which makes the difference. One creates the platform for the other. But abstinence on its own is not a relationship with God.

Has your Lent goal become an idol in any way?

Day 30 – 32

A funny thing happened these past 2 days. After a sustained period of doing the Lent thing pretty well I “lost it”. All the more distressing after Sunday’s
reveal”. I think I got lonely. Turns out that the fading desire for the subject of my Lent goal was just hidden by a good patch of life. Turned out temptation was still there waiting for me when I needed her.

Any of this ring true for you?

Day 26 – 29

A week of Lent observance and a strong sense of rhythm emerging from the willpower. It seemed to start with willpower overwhelming desire, then a sense of choice that became easier to make and now at times the desire itself seems to have been transformed. One of the things I have noticed is that some of the lies I tell myself about how I live my life have been exposed in those moments. When the desire is changed and the script is exposed in that moment of realisation that I no longer wish to even engage the behaviour. If I don’t wish to do it any more then I don’t need the lie. It’s a strange thing the human spirit.

Have you noticed any shifts in perspective at the more instinctive level? Are there any lies being exposed?

If a blog falls in the wilderness and…